Solartec - Diagnostická a zkušební laboratoř FV modulů.

Climatic tests

Tests in climatic chamber provides accelerated aging of PV modules. It is thus possible to determine what will be the PV modules performance for several years of operation under normal weather conditions.

Expresion of the results of climatic test is based on the differences between results of the test that are performed before and after the climatic test:

Climatic tests are performed in a climatic chamber EWSX282-30CW with automatic regulation of temperature and relative humidity from  manufacturer Espec North America.

Damp-heat test

Test is performed according to IEC 61215:2005 and IEC 61646:2005.

The purpose of this test is to determine the ability of the PV module to withstand the effect of long-term penetration of humidity.

PV modules are subjected to temperature 85°C and relitve humidity 85 % for 1000 h in the climatic chamber.

Damp-heat test can prove the reduction of durability resistance of PV modules to long-term effect of humidity. PV modules with demaged PV cells, after the test, have significantly decreased power of PV module.




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