Solartec - Diagnostická a zkušební laboratoř FV modulů.

Diagnosis of PV power plant

Offered diagnosis methods


Measurement current-voltage characteristics

Measurement of whole string or single PV module at

  • Determination of electrical parameters (PMPP, ISC, UOC, ƞ, FF...)
  • Fast effective measurement without removal of the PV module(s)

Thermal vision analysis

Using this method we can detect these defects:  

  • Hot spot
  • Temperature inhomogeneity
  • Contact resistance
  • Defective bypass diode
  • Disconnected strings in the PV module
  • Other defects

Most of the companies that offer diagnosis of PVPP are focusing on thermal vision anaylsis. This method is  relatively fast and can be detect number of defects. The Disadvantage of this method is inability to determince the power losses and thus can not be founded defects claim with the manufacturer. Another disadvantage is that it does not detect some major defects and requires a great experience of technician. However, it still a very useful additional method


Visual Inspection

The purpose of this test is to identify and locate visual defects that could have affected the performance of the PV module. The Results of the test are description of founded defects, photos of whole PV module and details of selected defects.


Insulation test

Ingress of moisture into the structure of the PV module leads to deterioration of the insulating state. Which may cause shutsown of the inverter and reduces the production of electricity.

Monitoring of PVPP

Statistical processing of production data from the inverters (PV plant).





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